Complete Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's exclusive interview with As-Safir




Q: In light of the developments that took place in Yabroud and the region of Qalamoun, and in light of the procedures taken in the Lebanese interior, did the risk of explosions drop or is it still valid in your evaluation? 


A: We can say that the danger of explosions considerably dropped, whether it is due to the field developments in the region of Qalamoun that led to the closure of many booby-trapped cars factories which were discovered (whether in the city of Yabroud or the town of Ras Al-Ain by the Syrian troops), or due to the special security efforts practiced by the Lebanese Army and the official security apparatuses in disintegrating the nets which were importing, dispatching, and detonating booby-trapped cars. 
In general, we can talk about a great retreat of this danger. However, we can't say that the risk is absolutely gone. More efforts are needs, whether at the borders with Syria or in the Lebanese interior. 


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