Sayyed Nasrallah Speaks- 2013-09-23

  We demanded the representation of political forces in the government according to their size and representation
Despite Lebanese consensus on the need to form a government, it has yet to be formed because from the first moment Salam was designated, Al-Mustaqbal Party and some of its allies said they don't want the participation of Hezbollah in the gov't
  There are some who are trying to hold Hezbollah responsible for the delay in cabinet formation
  [Turkish President Abdullah] Gul was told that the Pakistani scenario will be repeated in Turkey because of its intervention in Syria
  Isn’t it considered intervention the writing of speeches and statements calling for Obama's military aggression against Syria which if it had taken place would have serious repercussions on the world and especially Lebanon?
  We are ready to take part in the national dialogue and we want to discuss Hezbollah intervention in Syria at the dialogue table
  Years before, a communications cable for Hezbollah was laid alongside Zahle and what we did lately was just maintenance for it
  Hezbollah doesn’t have a program to build a communications network in Zahle
  We understand the background of these serious charges which have serious repercussions on Lebanon and deny these baseless accusations 


  Some friends adviced me not to comment on these claims as part of psychological war against enemies, but I rejected that because Hezbollah has religious taboos with the use of such weapons
  What Syrian opposition claimed about the transfer of chemical weapons from Syria to Hezbollah are lies
  As promised, we reached decisive results concerning who stands behind Ruweis attack. It's a Takfiri party working in the framework of the Syrian opposition and comes from the Syrian territories, the same results were reached by local security apparatuses
  I felt that some people were happy for the killing of people in Dahiyeh, Tripoli and elsewhere
  Some went on to accuse Hezbollah of practicing self-security as part of our ‘statelet’, but we had asked the official bodies to take over the reins from the outset
  We totally reject self-security and we didn't practice it
  We, since August 15 when Ruweis attack took place, took serious responsibility in securing Dahiyeh and some other places from more attacks because of a security vacuum in the country
  I appeal to all Dahiyeh residents and passers-by to cooperate with the security forces deploying in Dahiyeh
  I will speak about several issues concerning Lebanon and the region

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