Smile and Let Them Die of Rage!

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Al Qods rare appearance
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Al Qods rare appearance


AlAkhbar- Ibrahim al-Amin

I want to go back seven years in time, to when Israel was stepping up the level of its bloody madness, and the Resistance’s opponents in Lebanon were glued to their TV sets, eating their fingers after having bitten their nails.

Around the same time that year, a young woman went into her parents’ bedroom. She had bought clothes from Beirut before war broke out, but the war prevented her from going back to pick them up. She waited 20 days until a friend brought the clothes to her. The young woman had no concern for little more than her clothes. She was happy.

She went into her father’s bedroom; he was asleep. She woke him up, jumping up and down, and told him:

– Guess what?

He could not control himself, and asked her:

– Did they kill Nasrallah?!

– No

– Did they reach the Litani River?!

– No!

– Then what?

– She replied: My clothes arrived from Beirut!

The father tried to suppress his anger, covering his head with the pillow, and cursing right and left.

On Friday, when Hassan Nasrallah appeared personally to address his supporters, he was very happy. He was eager to once again meet directly with the people. His bodyguard Abu Ali was anxious, and wanted him to finish his speech as quickly as possible.

The people who were there, or who watched the speech on TV, were at once happy and anxious. They wanted him to stay there, but they feared for him. When he finished his speech, many waited for a few long minutes, before breathing a sigh of relief: Thank God, it seems that he has returned to his office safely.

For those who did not understand the underlying message behind Nasrallah’s public appearance, let them know that when the man previously came out publicly in defense of the Prophet, he was reaffirming his beliefs that he would defend with his life. When he came out publicly during Ashura, he wanted to express which form his beliefs took, and to underscore the fact that he is a descendant of Hussein who does not fear following in the footsteps of his ancestor. And when he chose to make his lengthy public appearance yesterday under the banner of Palestine, it was because he wanted to say that it is the dearest cause to his heart and mind.

Yesterday, many were seething with anger at Nasrallah’s unexpected public appearance, his clear and firm speech, and his indifference to all inconsequential opponents and their deliriums. He was smiling, and pleasantly emotional.

Smile, Sayyed Hassan, and let them die of rage!

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.

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