Sayyed Nasrallah Speaks on Al-Quds Day


Sayyed Nasrallah: we were born and arisen on bearing the resposibility of defending Palestine and Al-Quds. We - the Shiites- won't abandon this cause never ever
Sayyed Nasrallah: Kill us at every front and in any mosque, but we - the shiites- won't abandon Palestine
Sayyed Nasrallah: We tell US, Israel, UK and their tools that we -the Shiites- won't give up the Palestinian cause and won't abandon Palestinians 
Sayyed Nasrallah: He who stands behind this sectarian strife attempts wants us to forget Palestine and Al-Quds
Sayyed Nasrallah: I'll talk as a Shiite and say that under the huge sectarian mutual Sunni-Shiite campaign on the TVs that there is one side standing behind both 
"The resistance will continue confronting the Israeli greediness alongside the Lebanese Army whom we offer our salutations"

Sayyed Nasrallah: in Al-Quds day we thank Iran and Syrian Arab Republic for all what they did to inflict the Israeli enemy heavy losses
Sayyed Nasrallah: We in Hezbollah well stay alongside the Palestinian people and factions
Sayyed Nasrallah: the sectarian strife weapon is the most destructive weapon in the region 
Sayyed Nasrallah: they then invented an enemy calling it the "Shiite expansion"
Sayyed Nasrallah: they invented an enemy "Iran" which they called the "Magis"and they mobilized all their militry capabilities against it 
Defending Al-Quds is the responsibility of everybody, the least responsibility we all bear is to not recognise the Zionist entity
"Israel is a danger to Lebanon and its elimination is a national welfare"
Sayyed Nasrallah: the Zionist entity is a cancerous tumor that imposes a grave danger on all this region and its resources, not only on Palestine
Sayyed Nasrallah: No one has the right in Palestine's water, soil, or oil
Sayyed Nasrallah salutes people for attending the ceremony assuring the importance of this day

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