Sayyed Nasrallah speaks on Resistance and Liberation Festival


His eminence congratulates people on Birth of Imam Ali (AS) and on the Resistance and Liberation Day

We should not forget the victories in May 25 and July which are the victories of the whole nation, neither we should forget the Nakba or Naksa in Palestine

If the Lebanese army was armed enough, it would fight as the resistance does

Our state can't protect a funeral in Sidon, it can't stop clashes in Tripoli and hadn't yet reached a consensus on an electoral law. It's too weak to take a powerful decision in defending Lebanon and deterring any Israeli aggression

At the same time, the Zionist entity is preparing everyday and planning for war

I call for all sides in Lebanon to keep the fighting in Syria away from Lebanon. Clashes in Tripoli have no future

Since the first days of the Syrian crisis, I said that the Syrian government has many positive features especially in its support to the resistance, but we also said it has negatives ones and needs reform

President Assad vowed to make reforms and was ready to talk to the opposition but it refused

The so-called "Friends of Syria" conference days ago didn't realize the huge interference by militants from various countries and just was aware of some of Hezbollah members who entered Syria only months ago

All of the Lebanese people are threatened, especially the Sunnis, if those Takfiri groups in Syria controlled the border villages with Lebanon

If Syria fell in the hands of America, Israel and the Takfiris, the future of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and the whole region would be dark

You can be with whoever side you want in Syria, but Hezbollah can't be neither with the American side nor with the side of murderers who dig grave or rip chests

Israel to enter Lebanon if Syria fell in the hands of America and the Takfiris

We don't need to declare Jihad and we don't force anybody to go to fight in any front

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